The electronic scientific journal "Post-Soviet Studies" is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications. Mass Media Registration Certificate EL No. FS 77 - 71895 dated December 13, 2017

The journal is included in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) (agreement No. 127-04 / 2018 of April 03, 2018).

The subject of the journal in terms of the current nomenclature of specialties of scientists:

Scientific specialty: 5.6.7. History of international relations and foreign policy-branch of science (historical)

Scientific specialty: 5.5.4. International relations-branch of science (political )

It is published with the scientific and methodological support of the Center for the Research of Post-Soviet Countries (CIPS).


The publication aims to publish materials on the basis of a comprehensive interdisciplinary study of existing problems and development trends of the post-Soviet space. The focus of the published studies is an analysis of the foreign policy concepts, strategies and priorities of the former republics of the USSR, the challenges and threats they face in the context of the formation of a new polycentric system of international relations. The thematic focus of the publication necessitates the involvement of representatives of the expert and analytical community of the CIS and Georgia participating countries from among the faculty of leading universities, independent research centers, specialists and officials of various levels as authors of publications. A characteristic feature of the journal is that it reflects a wide range of opinions of experts, the reader receives a comprehensive picture of the national interests of the CIS countries and their refraction in foreign policy doctrines. The list of thematic sections of the publication includes rubrics suggesting an analysis of foreign policy and security issues of the countries of the post-Soviet foreign countries, internal political processes, socio-economic and problems.

Information for authors for 2019-2020

- Until November 15, 2019 - Non-thematic number (No. 7 for 2019);

- Until December 1, 2019 - Belarus in world politics (No. 8 for 2019);

- until January 15, 2020 - 20 years of modern foreign policy of Russia (No. 1 for 2020);

- Until February 1, 2020 - Non-thematic issue (No. 2 for 2020);

- Until March 15, 2020 - The conflict potential of the post-Soviet space (No. 3 for 2020);

- Until April 1, 2020 - Non-thematic issue (No. 4 for 2020).

- Until May 1, 2020 - To the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War (No. 5 for 2020);

- Until June 15, 2020 - Non-thematic issue (No. 6 for 2020);

- Until October 1, 2020 - Kazakhstan in world politics (No. 7 for 2020);

- Until December 1, 2020 - Non-thematic issue (No. 8 for 2020).


The journal is published 8 times a year. First of all, articles are accepted for publication on the journal’s priority permanent columns, which include “CIS Countries in World Politics and Economics”, “Foreign Policy of the CIS Countries”, “Integration Processes in the CIS Region”, “Conflict Potential in the CIS Region”, “Political Portraits". The journal welcomes the publication of reviews.

All published materials are distributed under the Open Access principle in accordance with the Budapest Open Access Initiative. Articles of the journal are available to all comers from the moment of publication, which provides free open access to research results, contributes to the progress of science and ensures the formation of a single scientific and educational space of post-Soviet countries.